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 What is he doing?
He is knocking the door.

            Present continuous tense has four functions:
·         We use present continuous tense to express activity which is happening now.
Example: I am learning present continuous tense now.
                 My  Uncle is driving car at this time.
                 Listen! Somebody is calling us.

·         We use present continuous tense to express long process activity which is still in progress.
Example: My brother is studying to be a doctor. (It needs long process)
                He is still running his new business.

·         We can use present continuous tense to express about near future activity.
(Future activity which has been scheduled)
Example: We are having examination tomorrow.
                 My father is working next Monday.

·         Present continuous tense and “always” can be used to express about repeating and irritating action.
Example: She is always coming to school late.
                 He is always throwing the rubbish anywhere.
            (+) Subject + to be + Verb. ing +  Object / complement.
            (-) Subject + to be + not + Verb. ing +  Object / complement.
            (?) To be + Subject + Verb. Ing + Object / complement?

Note: I                         = am
         You, they, we      = are
        She, He, It           = is     

Time signal:    now, at present, at this time,
look!, listen!..etc.

(+) He is listening to music now.
(-) He is not listening to music now.
(?) Is he listening to music now? Yes, he is / No, he is not

Ø  Transform these sentences into the form instructed!
1.      (+) He is riding motorcycle.
(-)  ___________________
(?) ___________________

2.      (+) ____________________
(-) We are not reading novel.
(?) _____________________

3.      (+) _____________________
(-) ______________________
(?) Are they watching TV?

Ø  Answer this question based on your condition now!
1.      Are you smoking now?
2.      What are you doing?
3.      Is your father working?
4.      Where is he working?
5.      Are you wearing shirt?
6.      What are you wearing?
7.      Is it raining in your area?
8.      Are you watching TV?
9.      What is your mother doing?
                  10.  Why are you reading this lesson?

What is she doing?

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