When You Are Teaching Your Children To Read You Need To Have Fun With Phonics When You Are Teaching Your Children To Read You Need To Have Fun With Phonics

Senin, 27 Oktober 2008

When You Are Teaching Your Children To Read You Need To Have Fun With Phonics

by Peter Legrove

Teaching reading is not easy and it takes time and commitment so having some fun with phonics will help. There are many ways to have fun with phonics. Ranging from games on the computer to board games and worksheets. My favorite is playing around with Montessori sandpaper letters as kids seem to love the feel of the sandpaper as they trace the words.

For free online games I go to starfall.com as they have a very good selection but you have to play around on the site to find the games your child will like. Another site that has a lot of free stuff is Genkienglish. This site is from a school in Japan and it's in English. Some of the phonics games and songs are very simple but I think they are very effective.

Teaching your child to read with phonics will take time so the more fun you can have with your child will make it easier. With modern technology you can buy a phonics program and after you have shown your child how to use the program, you can let your child go it alone. For busy working parents this situation is ideal but if you are homeschooling and want to spend time with your children you could try out the sandpaper letters.

The Montessori method has been teaching kids for a hundred years, it might be old fashioned but it's effective. And you, the parent, have to get involved with teaching reading as you have to make up the words and phonic sounds with the sandpaper letters. Also when your children trace the letters you have to show them the correct way to write the letters.

Giving your child a head start with reading at school is possible one of the best things you can do for your child and first grade phonics is a good place to start. If your child is good at reading then school life is easier. But what first grade phonics do you teach your child when it comes to reading. I like to teach them what they are already learning at school.

I use the same book they are using in the classroom but I add Montessori sandpaper letters. This way the children can trace the words and phonic sounds they are learning in the classroom. When children trace the sandpaper letters they feel the shape of the letter therefore when it comes to learn to write they already know how to write. Also feeling the texture of the letter with the sandpaper helps to implant the letter in the child's mind.

The Montessori sandpaper letters are a good add-on to any lesson as they help reinforce the letters the child is already learning at school. But like all books and courses it is not the book that teaches your child to read, it is the time you put in with your child. First grade phonics takes time and commitment and a lot of reading to your child, especially reading in bed. So if you want your child to get ahead in reading you have to make the effort.

About the Author

I'm Peter Legrove and for the last 15 years or so I've been standing in front of a primary school classroom. Now I'm nearing retirement it's time to pass my knowledge on. http://www.animalsdinosaursandbugs.com/Teaching-Reading.htm This article is copyright © Peter Legrove. But you can use it as long as you keep the bio box intact.

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